Whether you are seeking to tone your body or transform your mind, the Joy of Movement offers a variety of classes each month for which beginners and drop-ins are welcome.

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Morning Yoga | Cathy Holt

Yoga students will discover a multi-level, energetic, high quality, alignment-based and heart-centered experience. Together we breathe, strengthen, and stretch our bodies and minds while learning to reach our full potential. Cathy is dedicated to creating a true community, and the classses reflect that. Everyone feels welcomed and cared for because they are! In-person classes available.

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Gentle Morning Yoga | Shannon Bueker

 Yoga is the practice of breathing, movement and meditation which brings rewards of greater peace of mind, flexibility , strength and self-awareness. Yoga is non-competitive and each student works at his or her own pace, I encourage students to modify poses to suit their bodies. No experience is required. This class is an introduction to the basics of yoga and an ongoing exploration of this slower form of yoga. Online class

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Flow Soul Yoga | Katie Johnson

Prana Vinyasa Yoga is an energetic, creative, full spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga, cultivated by Shiva Rea. . Students are empowered to experience prana- the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence- as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Intermediate level offers the choice to take poses deeper, while working in krama (stages) meets each individual student where they are. Expect standing, hip opening, arm balancing, inversion, + backbending poses for a complete class experience.  No in-studio classes at this time.
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Sunday Yoga | Tim Keim
This class is for yoga students to comfortably engage their bodies in a gentle but challenging practice. We will concentrate on building strength, balance, range of motion and overall body awareness. We will sustain and repeat poses with full diaphragmatic breath so the body can open itself naturally to the benefits of each pose. This is a practice for all who want to cultivate a healthy longevity. A powerful yet gentle yoga  practice with guided deep relaxation and breathing practices. All levels are welcome.
No in-studio classes at this time.
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In-person AND online Gentle Yoga| Kim Calhoun
Come unwind and restore! Kim offers gentle yoga classes to nourish our connection of mind body and spirit.  Enjoy a mindful and playful exploration of movement and breath, leaving with stress-relieving tools that can be integrated into everyday life. All levels of experience are welcome. Classes are held every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m.–7:15 p.m. Cost: first class $10; $14 after. $12 per class when enrolled in 8 week sessions.  In-person & online
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Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong| Christine Chase
Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. It is a scientific approach to strengthening and balancing the nervous and glandular systems, which are the guardians of health and homeostasis. Through the trinity of movement, breath and mantra we become aware of who we are. Come prepared to move freely, reminiscent of childhood, breathing powerfully to move energy, and chanting or listening to Mantra creating intention. It is a lot of fun! Come home to yourself! Saturday’s @ 10:30 a.m. $20
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Gentle Yoga | Claire McCullough (In-person only)
Claire offers a gentle (and sometimes challenging) approach to increase flexibility, strength, and balance, to reduce stress and improve wellbeing. For beginners and experienced yogis who prefer a gentle approach. Classes are held every Sunday (except
the 2nd Sunday of each month) from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Cost is $15 per class (paid by check or exact change). Contact Claire: , 919-280-4611,
Chair Yoga | Claire McCullough (In-person only)
Claire offers this gentle alternative to the usual mat class, for those who find it difficult or
are unable to get up and down off the floor. Yoga poses are done while sitting or standing
and holding on to the chair. You gain the same benefits as other yoga classes:
increased flexibility, strength, and balance, reduced stress, and improved wellbeing.
Classes are held every Wednesday (Starting September 2022) from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Cost
is $15 per class (paid by check or exact change). Contact Claire: 919-280-4611, ,