Martial Arts

Whether you are seeking to tone your body or transform your mind, the Joy of Movement offers a variety of classes each month for which beginners and drop-ins are welcome.

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Interactive Taijiquan | Dan Pasek 
Taijiquan’s push-hands training was develop as a method for learning and improving ones understanding of the principles that underlie this art. Interactive work helps to improve a practitioner’s health, awareness, sensitivity, and physical abilities in a fun environment.  Dan uses this martial art to teach body structure and alignment, movement principles, and energy dynamics. Dan holds classes twice a month on Sundays at 3:00 p.m.; please check the JOM class schedule. Cost: $15 per class.
For more information: | | 919-545-9185 

Capoeira | Frederico Castelloes

Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art form, is a mesmerizing dance-like game played between two people inside a community circle.  With little to no bodily contact, the players perform a non-verbal discourse through free flow movement. Capoeiristas in the circle support the synergy of the game through percussion and singing. Capoeira is a moderate to intense workout and much more. In Contra Mestre Frederico’s classes, you will learn martial arts movements, how to play percussion instruments like the berimbau (Capoeira’s lead instrument), drums and tambourine, as well as to sing songs in Portuguese. This hour-and-fifteen minute class consists of 20-25 minutes of warm-up and stretches, 20-30 minutes of practicing individual capoeira movements, 10-15 minutes of music (instruments and Portuguese Language) and the class concludes with the game of capoeira in the roda (ring/sphere of capoeira).  All come together as we showcase and hone each other’s skills in a martial art game of movements intertwined in the full complexity of interpretive music and movement. Capoeira is offered on Wednesdays at 7:45 pm.
Cost: $15 per class or $50 per month.
For more information: | (919)407-1838 
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